Sunday, October 24, 2010

This is so cool!

I accidentally came across this site and just fell in love with their items! :)

Hand-Cranked Paper Shredder

(The Bye Bye Handy Shredder by those creative folks at I.D.E.A. and Yuen’to Japan shreds papers anywhere. The only power needed is human power. Simply retract handle, turn it, and documents are silently turned to ribbons. Think of the footprint: No electricity means no carbon use; and the slim, streamlined box design means it slips into any bookshelf. )

Toothbrush Travel Set

Chop 2 Pot Folding Cutting Board

(Squeeze the handle and the board folds into a chute, making the flow from chop to pot a cinch. The ingenuity is the result of the latest technology in polypropylene living hinges. Seriously, it's so simple it's brilliant! Created by Joseph Joseph, a young company from the UK that make innovative kitchen equipment. This award-winning product is dishwasher safe and comes with a 3 year guarantee. )

IDEA International's Rechargeable USB Card Speaker

(The size of a credit card and with the fidelity that delivers bang for your buck, this mini speaker from IDEA International in Japan sounds as cool as it looks. Heavyweight metal construction stands up to travel abuse. But it's very light. Charge with the included cable by plugging into any USB-powered socket for 2 hours. Will broadcast sound for about 5 hours of using the small jack (fits any iPhone, mp3 player or cellphone with a 3.5mm jack connection). Carrying case includes connection plug and USB charging cable. Available in Matte Gold, Shiny Black and Stainless. Fantastic gift.)

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